As per data, Startup companies have a success rate of only 10%, which means only 10 out of 100 startups manage to meet break-even or make a profit in five years. Every year 5 million startups take birth, but out of that, 4.5 million fail because they do not have the right tools, team, and budget to succeed. Many of these companies fail to pull traffic on their websites or fail to upgrade their business to support high web traffic. ONPASSIVE helps businesses with one of the major downsides, i.e., lack of technology, which could take their business to the next level of competition.

Any business owner who doesn’t want to fall in this failure bucket can join ONPASSIVE to ensure assured success and access to unlimited opportunities and benefits. The objectives of this company are to help a community of founders who want their business to succeed online and, at the same time, earn financial freedom. ONPASSIVE does it by offering self-developed business automation tools and a community of think-alike members.

Those who want their life to change are just a few clicks away from success and happiness. After registering successfully on GoFounders, one can experience the magic that converts dreams into reality.

So what are the benefits of becoming a founder on the ONPASSIVE platform?

  • Members can access unlimited tools designed to turn your business into a professional online craze. The company offers automation tools to remove manual efforts from various online tasks and activities.
  • Members have to sync their passion with ONPASSIVE’s aggressive and outgoing approach to do business. And this approach is to work with team members to achieve success. Active members need to keep using ONPASSIVE tools to ensure continuous residual income.
  • There are many Webinar videos and contents published on the GoFounders platform, which can be viewed anytime and are ready to share (excluding private webinars) with external members. These contents help to understand the status of the company’s current ventures and also to sync with the company’s future visions.
  • Various business automation tools help to avoid chances of discontinuity of any business activities like website visits, checkouts, and sign-ups.
  • Founders of this product-driven company can access various features of the GoFounders platform to monitor team performance at different levels, create links to invite other interested prospects, and 24/7 support from the customer assistants.
  • With the help of a great community and a self-operating business, your success is inevitable on this platform. However, unlike other companies, this company guarantees a 100% refund to those who feel they are not getting the opportunity as promised.

An Overview of ONPASSIVE’s Compensation Plan

ONPASSIVE has adopted a 3X10 forced matrix where its members can invite and enroll other members and earn a commission for those who actively use the automation tools for their business.

A founder can enroll only three members at a level, and there are ten levels. Auto-enrolment of a member to the next level where the position is still open is called a “Spill-Over” feature, which allows founders to earn a commission for someone else’s reference.

Along with this, the passive residual income depends on which package a founder has purchased. Each package has been assigned a certain amount of commission at each level. There are four packages – AFFILIATE ($25), PRO ($125), LEADER ($250), and MASTER ($500).

4 factors contribute to ONPASSIVE’s business model –

  1. AI-driven online business
  2. 3 X 10 forced matrix
  3. Spill-Over
  4. Packages

These 4 factors decide your online success and financial freedom. Higher package and higher-level assure higher income. Each income is the cumulative sum of the commission at each level for each package. However, you need to make sure you remain active on this awesome platform to receive a continuous flow of residual income.

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  1. Fantastic stuff… Can’t wait to begin this journey in earnest…. We’re in it to win it… No doubt in my mind.

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