In today’s web world, when many companies are taking birth and closing in no time, there are also many companies that trap the audience through their dodgy schemes targeted to offer maximum earning through recruiting people. There is no product involved to do business or earn a commission on sales. Such companies are nothing but scams that mostly help members on top to earn, and members at the bottom get almost nothing by bringing in more members. Let us see how ONPASSIVE supports an honest and successful business only.

However, ONPASSIVE cannot be associated with a Scam because of the following reasons:

  1. ONPASSIVE is a product-based company. Companies require loyal customers to use their products. Similarly, this organization has designed tools for its registered members only to be used for their own business.
  2. This company doesn’t have a Pyramidal structure or any Ponzi scheme to trick and recruit new members. Dodgy companies with Ponzi schemes have no products or services for their members to buy or sell. Whereas, ONPASSIVE has adopted a 3X10 forced matrix to allow earning commissions only for its active members who keep using automation tools customized for their business. In this case, the business automation tools are the products of ONPASSIVE. It allows its founders to earn a commission by helping those who they enrolled. It can pay such high commission rates to its founders because it doesn’t spend on advertisements and promotions.
  3. Apart from these, the company has been already accepted legally by 100 different countries across the globe.
  4. On top of that, nearly 71,000 founders are already registered on the platform, and the community is still growing incrementally. These members have immense trust in the company, and the tools and services promised. These members are already using GoFounders platform tools to create an impact on their circle, which reflects in the thousands of registration requests received every week.
  5. Plus, the company also offers a 100% refund to those who believe they are not happy with the tools and services as promised.

What else a company requires to be considered legit and legally qualified? Ash Mufareh has launched an overall business solution that today’s business owners are looking for. Even if you want, you cannot draw your eyes back from what ONPASSIVE has to offer. It is a 100% safe, secure, and trustworthy platform for an online business and is the ultimate gateway to your success in both professional and personal life.

How to Join ONPASSIVE?

Currently, the cost of becoming a Founder on the ONPASSIVE platform is $97 only, and this is a limited period offer. Post this limited offer, the cost of membership might go up. There are 2 ways of becoming a founder of ONPASSIVE:

  • Invitation – Registered founders have options to invite interest members from the GoFounders tool itself. They can share content along with an invitation link on desired channels or their own websites. If prospects click on this link and register, then they can join the team of the person who sent the invitation. This option is opted by those who want to trust a person who they know.
  • Registration on GoFounders Website– If someone is already aware of the company benefits, then the person can directly visit GoFounders Website and register without waiting for an invitation or without any need of invitation link. Direct registration doesn’t give lesser benefits when compared to someone who was enrolled via invitation. The only difference is that the person who registers by directly visiting the website will be enrolled randomly under any top founder on the Leaderboard.

After successful registration on the GoFounders platform, members can immediately start building their teams by inviting others by sharing videos, posters, customized emails, and links. The community page continuously gets updated with the latest webinar videos and contents like e-books, which are designed for the community members. For any query, they can approach the support team who are available 24/7 to provide solutions and assistance.

One thought on “How ONPASSIVE Supports Honest Business?

  1. Yes when I take or leaning my team .and I read the above article I understand and know,first onpassive has not produce or service s but helpe member to their own business through artificial intelligence technologies online and improve their business. That’s very exiting us thank you the CEO Mr.Ash mufareh

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